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Cucina Restaurant and Wine Bar

I was very excited to get my first restaurant client, and after a few stops and starts and a loooooong wait before installation we put up a new site and it looks great!

Cucina Restaurant and Wine Bar

Their original site was a Tumblr blog with very little customizations. Though not ideal for these purposes, we decided to stick with Tumblr as our building point so that the pages could be easily updated. And hey, it's free!

I wound up having to create two Tumblr blogs to make this site work. The first one has custom coding on every page to fit with my design, and also so every page could have a different picture. The second blog is a behind the scenes admin blog that actual supplies the content for the different pages in the main blog. Maybe in a while I'll look back and shake my head at my foolishness, but for right now I'm feeling pretty clever.


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