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Isomer Labs

The company, Isomer Labs, is a start-up and the requirements started as, "we don't have anything to say/show yet, we just need something that looks kind of cool" and then it quickly morphed in a clear concept with stated goals, portfolio, partners and the works. Very impressive.

Some fun things I learned during this project: An isomer is two or more substances that have the same elements, but they're materials are arranged as a mirror image of each other so they have different properities; how to code that weird dictionary notation that tells you how to pronounce a word; how to import a Tumblr blog feed into a website (so easy!); and how to customize the main Tumblr page to look like it's part of the website (almost as easy!).

Also I got to draw shiny icons for the about us page. I loooooove shiny icons.


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