Collin Conoley Web Design


One of my best buddies is the proud ring leader of a weekly Wednesday happy hour lovingly dubbed "Puff 'n Sip." This happy hour combines all of his favorite things: drinking, smoking cigars, and being with his friends. After a year he decided the time was right for a Puff 'n Sip website and enlisted John Brunn and myself to help him out. John acted as webmaster and host for the site, getting everything up and running and installing the blog software we used (WordPress) while I got to work designing a logo and tinkering around with the look and feel of the blog template.

At the time I had little experience with blog software and less experience with PHP, so it took me a while to figure out just how things worked. Once I got a feel for it, however, it was a relatively simple matter of swapping out images and making adjustments to the CSS files. I learned a lot about modifying and customizing WordPress blogs and it served me well in future projects.


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