Collin Conoley Web Design

West Bay Orthopaedic Medical Group

This project was fun as I really got to fill the roll of "professional website consultant". I went on site visits, learned about orthopedic procedures, talked to the doctors and so on. The practice was well established but had little web presence to speak of, but everyone involved realized that it's now a "must-have" to let your current and potential clients put a face to your business. All the better if it's the smiling faces of well respected doctors.

I used techniques learned from A List Apart to build the 3 column layout with a liquid middle column, but their favorite part of the site is on the Orthopaedic Topics page where I created a nifty graphic of a human body that has x-ray effects as you roll over the body parts. It's the little things that make it all worthwhile. This project also introduced me to the Google Maps API, creating custom maps to show office locations, and embedding it into the Contact Us page.

It's a great bunch of folks there, so if you ever dislocate your pelvis or pull your spleen out of it's socket or something, give 'em a call.


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